Funded Courses


Seluna Pty Ltd has been operating as a Registered Training Organization (RTO) in Victoria since 2001.

IIPD provides quality training and assessment services to international and domestic students, focusing on the fields of Accounting and Business, English Language Courses and Hospitality and other Short Courses.

IIPD’s vision

  • To cater to emerging education markets for international and domestic students,
  • To become a high quality and highly respected training provider
  • To satisfy all stakeholders in a balanced way

IIPD’s mission

IIPD always strives to become a “Centre of Excellence” in the delivery of training and assessment services within its scope of registration
IIPD strives to produce high quality staff for the horticulture and hospitality industries in Australia and work towards achieving this. Hereon, we will also be working hard to produce the best staff for landscape construction. IIPD’s key objectives are student satisfaction and the provision of opportunities for personal growth and career advancement.

IIPD aims to achieve its vision by meeting the objectives through -

  • Becoming a technologically advanced leading-edge institution
  • Recruiting well qualified and highly experienced trainers and assessors
  • Fully complying with all state and commonwealth legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Maintaining active industry and professional contacts
  • Creating creative and interactive training and assessment environments
  • Fostering a culture of continuous improvement in all aspects of its operations



Code of practice

IIPD always -

  • Engages in highly ethical practices in the management and marketing of training and assessment services
  • Ensures best practice in the recruitment and selection of staff
  • Creates a learning environment that facilitates the achievement of practical, current and usable skills
  • Ensures the use of resources and facilities which are appropriate for quality training and assessment
  • Uses appropriate delivery and assessment materials in accordance with standards set out in the relevant training packages
  • Continually improves training and assessment services
  • Safeguards all pre-paid student fees
  • Records and reports all financial transactions according to standard accounting practices
  • Refunds fees when necessary in accordance with the relevant legislation
  • Conforms with all of the requirements of the ESOS Framework and VET quality frameworks
  • Ensures that all students, without any discrimination, are given appropriate orientation and reliable advice regarding all of the services available to them
  • Appropriately addresses the special needs of disadvantaged students or those with a disability
  • Appropriately addresses the special needs of students from non-English speaking backgrounds
  • Monitors students’ academic progress and attendance and ensure the provision of individualized support and counseling to those who are having difficulties in meeting academic standards
  • Respects the confidentiality and privacy of students, staff and other parties engaged in business relationships with IIPD
  • Provides effective internal and external complaint resolution and complaint handling systems
  • Provides accurate, relevant, up-to-date and adequate information to prospective students before they enter into written agreements with IIPD
  • Regularly reviews all information provided to students to ensure their currency, accuracy and relevance
  • Maintains a continuous improvement and quality assurance system involving regular feedback on performance from all key stakeholders

State funded training