Student Support

All policies & procedures and other information to support students for their study and to achieve their learning goals and to satisfactory academic progress towards meeting the learning outcomes of the course are contained in the IIPD Domestic Student Handbook (for domestic students) and IIPD International Student Handbook (for International Students). Students are to familiarise themselves with all the contents. For any queries, contact IIPD Staff; Reception, Student services Manager / Student services Officer, Trainers, RTO Manager/Training Manager either in person or by writing to

For Overseas Students

IIPD wants the Australian experience for overseas students to be a positive one. We understand the challenges that students face when trying to adjust to a new country, culture and environment, making new friends, and studying successfully, all at the same time.

Short term Accommodation

A range of suitable accommodation is available for short stays immediately on arrival. These expenses are payable by students directly to the owners of the premises. IIPD can arrange this short term accommodation on behalf of students. Students are advised to contact IIPD in advance, as availability is seasonal and most places require some advance payments with the bookings.

IIPD offers its Students

  • An orientation program to assist students with transition to live in Australia and study at IIPD
  • Airport, train and bus pickup on arrival. This must be pre-booked.
  • Assistance and support on cultural issues, transition to life in Australia and study concerns or any other general questions you may have
  • Support and encouragement
  • A range of social activities and programs
  • Assistance with introducing students to relevant services or identifying whom the students should speak to regarding their queries.

Please note that some services will need to be paid for, directly by students, although IIPD does not charge referral fees.

Staff Support

The IIPD staffs are available for consultation outside of class times at the request of students

Career Guidance

Students are encouraged to contact staff members for advice on further studies and career development.

Airport Pickup

IIPD is happy to organise airport pickup to meet and greet overseas students by prior arrangement (additional charges may apply).

Long term Accommodation

Long term accommodation for overseas students is also available. This includes rental and home stay accommodation. IIPD provides accommodation assistance to overseas students including advice on location, tenancy agreements, rental agreements and so on. Overseas students are provided with a list of internet sites and agents so that they can select their accommodation in advance. IIPD is happy to make accommodation bookings on behalf of students. Students are advised to contact IIPD before signing any contract or paying any money to real estate agents.

Overseas Student Health Cover

All international visitors to Australia travelling under a student visa are required by law to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of their visa.

The following insurers offer OSHC

Visa Renewal

Students are required to maintain a valid student visa whilst studying at IIPD. For information regarding visa renewal, please refer to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection at